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We had a top passing rate of 89.9% in 2012, one of the highest for road tests in Massachusetts, and we're looking to improve upon that result for 2016...

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Bill Rehill's Driving School is licensed by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles (RMV)

** While Bill Rehill Driving School Students do great on their road tests, you do NOT need to be a Driving School student to book your Saturday Road Test with us. Take your road test in Massachusetts with Bill Rehill!

It Makes Sense

What makes Bill Rehill's Saturday Road Test stand out over others?
First off that is my name up on the roof of all of my driver training vehicles. Secondly all of our instructors teach only driver's education and have been trained and hired solely to teach driver's education. We also use up to date vehicles with all the newest in technological advances that the automobile industry has to offer, with the exception of rear view back up cameras and self parallel park vehicles which the RMV does not allow one to use on a road test.
Why choose us for your Saturday road test?
With the basic road test package you get a 15 minute run through of the required road test maneuvers just prior to taking the test. We use the same vehicle for your brush up as you will take your road test in. The only difference being the color of the vehicle. This way you have comfort of knowing how the vehicle handles, brakes, and accelerates. With the Standard package you will get a one hour lesson a week or two before your road test and the 15 minute run through the day of the test. With the Super package you will get 2 one hour lessons prior to the road test, the first to point out and correct your weaknesses and the second as a follow up to to make sure that you have made the necessary corrections and you will still get the 15 minute run through the day of your road test.

Reliable Vehicles

(2) 2015 Honda Civic 4 Door EX Sedans
(1) 2014 Honda civic 4 Door EX
(1) 2013 Honda civic 4 Door EX
  • Low Mileage
  • High Safety Ratings
  • Latest Technology
  • Take your road test in the same type of car you practiced in

89.9 Percent Pass Rate

Year Pass Fail Total % Pass
1/1/12-8/10/12 266 30 296 89.9%
2011 277 46 323 85.8%
*This data is provided by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Warm Up Lesson

Do I get a "warm up" before my test?

Yes, you will meet up with one of our instructors at our location where you will drive the same model year car to go through the required maneuvers of the road test. Once you have completed your practice run you will sit in our waiting area until the examiner is ready to take you on your road test.

Thank you Bill! I had an awesome experience. I will definitely be recommending you! My dad tells me my driving is excellent, we really appreciate all the work you do! Thank you again! - Jocelyn G, Walpole, MA.
Bill, Thank you for everything. Your instructor gave James some great parallel parking tips before the test this morning as well as what you gave James during his one hour lesson. I will be sure to recommend you to my friends in Sharon! - Best, Elizabeth O., Sharon, MA.
I am a very happy customer of Bill Rehill's Driving School. I got my drivers license on my third attempt, my previous two attempts have been with other driving schools. Bill is very professional and meticulous, he takes care in detail to explain what other driving schools generally won't. I've been to a couple of other schools, but Bill Rehill's is the best in the area. I highly recommend Bill and his Saturday Road Test services. He is worth every dollar that you spend. I am not saying this because I passed, because he stood out for someone who is keen on teaching you some key driving skills. - Neena C., Norwood, MA. is brought to you by Bill Rehill's Driving School


Questions? Send us an email, give us a call at 508-294-7772 or write to us: 7 West Street, Walpole, MA 02081.

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  • Bill Rehill, Expert Road Test Sponsor & Instructor
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  • Warm Up Lesson
  • Take your Road Test in the same vehicle as your Driving Lessons
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