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All About The RMV’s Road Test Sponsor Requirement

What is a Road Test Sponsor?

Massachusetts road tests require the test-taker to bring a sponsor. This means an experienced, state-licensed driver who is at least 21 years old. During the road test, the sponsor is required to sit behind you in the back seat while you take your test.

Do you need a Road Test Sponsor?

Then Bill Rehill will be happy to handle this for you.

Bill Rehill can be your sponsor, which affords you the following benefits:

  1. An approved, RMV inspected, state-of-the-art vehicle for you to take your road test in. No need to worry about your own vehicle having a brake light out, check engine light, ect. Bill has a fleet of vehicles ready on the day of your road test.
  2. All vehicles are mid-sized, and easy to handle, especially while Parallel Parking.
  3. You will get a 10 minute warm-up session in the same type of vehicle you will take your road test in. This is an extraordinary benefit that helps more people pass.
  4. No need to ask anyone else to come – Bill meets all state requirements.
  5. We meet ALL of the sponsor requirements set by the Registry of Motor Vehicles (view Road Test Sponsorship section)


In the last 30 years, Bill has sponsored thousands of road tests, and can be a motivating, calming presence in helping you pass yours. You need a sponsor anyway – why not have the best in the business by your side for this important test?

Increase Your Chances of Passing Even More

Choose either our Standard or Super packages and get the sponsorship, PLUS driving lesson(s) a week or two before your test. We’ll go over the nuances that you will encounter during your test, such as three-point turns, hill starts and stops, and more.

Taking driving lessons with Bill Rehill is the easiest way to pass your Massachusetts road test – in fact, the people Bill sponsor have a passing rate of 89.9%, which is one of the highest in the industry.

If you’re a brand new driver who is looking to learn how to drive, you can also take more comprehensive lessons with Bill at his Driving School, which has been helping Massachusetts residents learn to drive since 1962.

Bottom line: passing your Massachusetts driving test is a lot easier with Bill Rehill at your side.

All About The RMV’s Road Test Sponsor Requirement October 18, 2014